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5-hour ENERGY Shot, Extra Strength Grape, 1.93 Ounce, 24 Count


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5-hour ENERGY Shot, Extra Strength Grape, 1.93 Ounce, 24 Count:** Revitalize your energy levels with the Amazon FBA Wholesale Distributors’ preferred choice, 5-hour ENERGY Shot. Indulge in the delicious grape flavor, packed with essential B vitamins, amino acids, and 230mg of caffeine per shot for a quick energy boost.


1. Brand: 5-hour ENERGY

2. Product Type: Energy Shot

3. Container Size: 1.93 Ounces

4. Pack Count: 24 Shots

Key Features:

1. Extra Strength: Provides an extra energy boost to keep you alert and focused.

2. Delicious Grape Flavor: Enjoy the refreshing taste of grapes with every shot.

3. Convenient Size: Each shot is compact and easy to carry for on-the-go energy.


1. Quick and Easy: Drink one shot for a convenient energy boost without needing coffee or energy drinks.

2. Portable Packaging: Packaged in individual bottles for easy consumption wherever you are.

Quality Assurance:

1. Trusted Brand: 5-hour Energy is a well-known brand trusted by millions for its effective energy shots.

2. Safety Standards: Manufactured in facilities compliant with strict safety and quality standards.

Warnings and Precautions:

1. Caffeine Content: Contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of leading premium coffee. Avoid consuming more than two shots daily.

2. Not Suitable for Children: Keep out of reach of children. It is not recommended for individuals sensitive to caffeine.