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Bounce Dryer Sheets (320 ct.) SCS – Static-Free Freshness for Every Load



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Bounce Dryer Sheets (320 ct.) SCS: Static-Free Freshness for Every Load


Revolutionize your laundry routine with the Bounce Dryer Sheets 320-count pack, a dynamic solution designed for Amazon FBA wholesale distributors who prioritize static-free freshness and softness for every load. With the Static Control System (SCS), these dryer sheets ensure an unparalleled laundry experience, making them an essential addition to your inventory.

Key Features:

  • SCS Technology:
    • Bounce Dryer Sheets feature advanced Static Control System (SCS) technology, providing your customers with fresh, soft, static-free garments.
  • 320-Count Pack:
    • This bulk pack includes 320 dryer sheets, offering long-lasting value for customers. Perfect for those who appreciate quality and seek a reliable solution for every laundry load.
  • Fresh Fragrance:
    • Enjoy the invigorating freshness of Bounce’s signature fragrance, leaving clothes with a clean and pleasant scent that lasts.
  • Amazon FBA Wholesale Distributors’ Choice:
    • As dedicated Amazon FBA wholesale distributors, we understand the demand for quality household products. Bounce Dryer Sheets align perfectly with customer expectations and are an excellent choice for resale.