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Dermend Bruise Cream 2.5 oz.



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Dermend Bruise Cream 2.5 oz.


Dermend Bruise Cream is specially formulated to improve the appearance of bruised skin. This 2.5-oz cream is enriched with ingredients that help restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize your skin, reducing the appearance of bruises and discoloration. This cream improves the skin’s texture and resilience and is perfect for mature skin.



– Quantity: 2.5 oz tube

– Key Ingredients: Arnica, Retinol, Ceramides


**Key Features:**

– **Bruise Improvement:** Helps reduce the appearance of bruises and discoloration.

– **Skin Restoration:** Enriched Formula restores and rejuvenates skin.

– **Mature Skin:** Ideal for mature skin looking to improve texture and resilience.



– **Easy Application:** Simple to apply to affected areas.

– **Portable:** Compact tube for easy carrying.


**Quality Assurance:**

– **Trusted Brand:** Dermend is known for effective skin care products.

– **High-Quality Ingredients:** Formulated with safe and effective ingredients.


**Warnings and Precautions:**

– **Consult a Physician:** Individuals with medical conditions or those taking medication should consult a physician before use.

– **Recommended Usage:** Use as directed to avoid potential side effects.

– **Keep Out of Reach of Children:** Not suitable for children.