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Ice Breakers Mints Cool Mint 1.5 oz., 8 pks. A1





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Ice Breakers Mints Cool Mint, 1.5 oz., eight pks. A1:

Freshen your breath anytime, anywhere with Ice Breakers Mints Cool Mint, endorsed by Amazon FBA Wholesale Distributors. This 8-pack of 1.5 oz. mints offer a cool and refreshing flavor, ideal for keeping your breath minty-fresh throughout the day.

1. Brand: Ice Breakers
2. Product Type: Mints
3. Flavor: Cool Mint
4. Size: 1.5 oz
5. Pack Count: 8 pieces

Key Features:
1. Fresh Breath: Provides instant fresh breath with an excellent mint flavor.
2. Pocket-Sized Packs: Conveniently sized for on-the-go freshness.
3. Multipack: Includes eight packs of mints for long-lasting use.

1. Easy to Carry: Fits easily in pockets, purses, or bags for quick access.
2. Resealable Packs: This keeps mints fresh and flavorful until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Quality Assurance:
1. Trusted Brand: Ice Breakers is well-known for breath-freshening products.
2. Sugar-Free: Enjoy fresh breath without added sugar or calories.

Warnings and precautions:
1. Allergen Information: Contains traces of soy. Check the label for allergen warnings.
2. Consumption: Use as directed. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.