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Member’s Mark ClearLAX 3-Pack Laxative Powder for Constipation Relief


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Member’s Mark ClearLAX 3-Pack Laxative Powder for Constipation Relief:

Elevate your digestive health with ClearLAX, the Amazon FBA Wholesale Distributors’ Choice, for gentle constipation relief. Enjoy the convenience of this 3-pack bundle, ensuring consistent relief without stimulants.

Quantity: 3 bottles of ClearLAX laxative powder
Size: 17.9 ounces per bottle
Active Ingredient: Polyethylene glycol 3350
Type: Laxative powder for oral use

Key Features:
Effective Relief: Member’s Mark ClearLAX provides gentle and effective relief from occasional constipation.
Unflavored: This laxative powder is unflavored and easily dissolves in water or other beverages for convenient consumption.
Sugar-Free: Formulated without added sugars, it is suitable for individuals monitoring their sugar intake.

Easy-to-Use: Mix the recommended dose of ClearLAX powder with water or juice and drink.
Versatile: Can be taken daily or as directed by a healthcare professional to maintain regularity.
Bulk Packaging: The 3-pack ensures you have ample ClearLAX on hand for ongoing relief.

Quality Assurance:
Trusted Brand: Member’s Mark is known for delivering high-quality healthcare products backed by rigorous testing and quality standards.
– FDA Approved: ClearLAX laxative powder meets the safety and efficacy requirements of the Food and Drug Administration.

Warnings and precautions:
Follow the dosing instructions provided on the packaging or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Do not exceed the recommended dosage to avoid potential side effects such as diarrhea or dehydration.
Consult a doctor before using ClearLAX if you have any underlying medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Keep children out of reach and store them in a cool, dry place.