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Men’s Hair Pomade by American Crew, Medium Hold with High Shine, 3 Oz (Pack of 2)


SKU  H-201-873

MOQ  250

Total  1258

Price  $10.20


American Crew Men’s Hair Pomade offers medium hold with high shine, perfect for creating classic, slicked-back styles. This 2-pack ensures you always have enough on hand to maintain your look. The pomade is easy to use and rinses clean, leaving your hair styled and conditioned.



– Quantity: 2 packs of 3 oz each

– Hold: Medium

– Shine: High


**Key Features:**

– **Medium Hold:** Provides flexible styling with medium hold.

– **High Shine:** Adds a polished, high-shine finish to your hair.

– **Easy to Use:** Smooth application and easy to rinse.



– **Dual Pack:** Two packs for extended use.

– **Portable:** Compact packaging for easy carrying.


**Quality Assurance:**

– **Trusted Brand:** American Crew is a leading name in men’s grooming products.

– **High-Quality Ingredients:** Formulated with premium ingredients for practical styling.


**Warnings and Precautions:**

– **Consult a Physician:** Individuals with medical conditions or those taking medication should consult a physician before use.

– **Recommended Usage:** Use as directed to avoid potential side effects.

– **Keep Out of Reach of Children:** Not suitable for children