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Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder, 20 Ounces


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Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder, 20 Ounces:

Relax and unwind with Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder, selected as the top pick by Amazon FBA Wholesale Distributors. Enjoy the soothing benefits of magnesium in a convenient powder form, perfect for stress relief and relaxation.

1. Brand: Natural Vitality
2. Product Type: Magnesium Supplement
3. Container Size: 20 Ounces

Key Features:
1. Relaxation Support: Magnesium citrate powder helps promote relaxation and relieve stress.
2. Easy-to-Use: Mix with water for a refreshing and calming beverage.
3. Premium Quality: Made with high-quality magnesium citrate for optimal absorption.

1. Versatile Usage: Can be consumed at home or on-the-go to support relaxation anytime, anywhere.
2. Convenient Packaging: It comes in a resealable jar for easy storage and use.

Quality Assurance:
1. Trusted Brand: Natural Vitality is a reputable brand known for its high-quality supplements.
2. Purity and Potency: Formulated with pure ingredients and tested for potency and safety.

Warnings and precautions:
1. Recommended Dosage: Follow the dosage instructions provided on the packaging or by your healthcare professional.
2. Consultation: Consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially if pregnant, nursing, or taking medication.