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Polysporin Plus Pain Ear Drops 15ml


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Polysporin Plus Pain Ear Drops provide fast relief from ear pain and infections. This 15ml bottle is designed to treat minor ear infections and alleviate pain quickly. Its dual-action Formula fights infection and soothes discomfort, making it a must-have for ear care.



– Quantity: 15ml bottle

– Key Ingredients: Antibiotics and pain relievers


**Key Features:**

– **Ear Pain Relief:** Quickly alleviates ear pain and discomfort.

– **Infection Treatment:** Fights minor ear infections with antibiotic ingredients.

– **Soothing Formula:** Dual-action formula provides immediate relief.



– **Easy Application:** Simple to apply with the included dropper.

– **Portable:** Small bottle size for easy carrying.


**Quality Assurance:**

– **Trusted Brand:** Polysporin is known for being an effective ear care product.

– **High-Quality Ingredients:** Made with safe and effective ingredients.


**Warnings and Precautions:**

– **Consult a Physician:** Individuals with medical conditions or those taking medication should consult a physician before use.

– **Recommended Usage:** Use as directed to avoid potential side effects.