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Ziploc Variety Pack – 54 Freezer Quart Bags – 38 Freezer Gallon Bags – 125 Sandwich Bags – 52 Storage Gallon Bags


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Ziploc Variety Pack: 54 Freezer Quart Bags, 38 Freezer Gallon Bags, 125 Sandwich Bags, and 52 Storage Gallon Bags | Food Storage Solution:

Discover the convenience of the Ziploc Variety Pack, endorsed by Amazon FBA Wholesale Distributors. With a combination of freezer quart, freezer gallon, sandwich, and storage gallon bags, it’s the ultimate storage solution for your kitchen needs.

Quantity: 54 Freezer quarter Bags, 38 Freezer Gallon Bags, 125 Sandwich Bags, and 52 Storage Gallon Bags
Size: Quart bags, Gallon bags, Sandwich bags, Storage Gallon bags
Material: Durable plastic material for food storage

Key Features:
Versatile Pack: Includes a variety of bag sizes for all your food storage needs, including freezer, sandwich, and storage bags.
Secure Seal: Ziploc bags feature an easy-to-use zipper closure to keep food fresh and secure.
Convenient Assortment: Offers a convenient assortment of bag sizes for food items, from snacks to leftovers.

Easy Organization: Packaged in a convenient box for easy storage and organization in your pantry or kitchen cabinet.
Grab-and-Go: Each bag type is easily accessible for quick and convenient use, whether packing lunches or storing leftovers.
Space-Saving Design: Compact packaging saves space in your kitchen while providing ample storage options.

Quality Assurance:
Trusted Brand: Ziploc is a trusted brand known for its high-quality food storage solutions.
Durable Material: Made from durable plastic, freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and BPA-free material.
Leak-Resistant: Ziploc bags are designed to prevent leaks and spills, ensuring mess-free storage.

Warnings and precautions:
Avoid overfilling bags to prevent bursting or tearing.
Do not use bags in conventional ovens, under broilers, or on stovetops.
Wash reusable bags thoroughly before reuse to prevent contamination.
Keep bags out of reach of children to avoid suffocation risks.